Activities in Obereggen/Predazzo/Pampeago

Being active will reward you with breathtaking views


MontagnAnimata is nature inhabited by fantastic stories

MontagnAnimata is a high altitude park that invites children and families to walk in the mountains, play and have fun with many activities.
Three thematic trails: the Forest of Dragons, the Path of the Distracted Shepherd and the Geotrail Dos Capèl. Alpine Coaster Gardonè is an attraction for children and families, a ring circuit with 980 m of bumps, jumps and a 360° ride in complete safety. The circuit twists and turns through the woods, sometimes sunny and panoramic. Itinerant travelling shows as well as the Difr Academy interactive treasure hunt are waiting for you as well.

Adventure and thematic trails in the Latemarium

The summer bargains have just gotten even better: The Latemar Massif is a jewel of Mother Nature,and forms the breathtaking backdrop for the Latemarium – a playground where you can experience the most-varied and interesting of experiences in Latemarium. This fabulous massif – surrounded by unique hiking trails was declared to be the most-beautiful and valuable landscapes of the world on the basis of their geological, botanical, and aesthetic characteristics.