Extraordinary places in Carezza

Staying high up in the mountains, in a cosy setting amidst extensive meadows, surrounded by dense forest. This is what makes a genuine holiday in the Dolomites: the feeling of being near to the real thing. Getting to know the place and its people while out hiking, skiing, cycling or strolling around the village.

The little mountain village of Carezza

A holiday paradise on a fabled lake

Its tiny size makes the mountain village of Carezza the more magical. Strictly speaking it forms part of Nova Levante, but Carezza offers tourists and visitors much more besides: not just because of the legendary Lago di Carezza, but also because of its wonderful location between Nova Levante and the Costalunga Pass, in the midst of the beautiful Latemar forest, where hiking trails abound, fairy tales originate, the Latemar massif watches impressively over all and - if you so desire – the village life and even the bustling city of Bolzano are not so far away.

The mountain village of Nova Levante

A wonderful world of adventure!

Nova Levante, the centre of the Carezza hiking and skiing area, is dominated by the spirit of the mountains. With a population of almost 2,000, the village is located at an altitude of 1,182 metres, in the midst of a UNESCO World Heritage Site: all watched over by the impressive Catinaccio massif that for a few moments every day – at dusk and at dawn – glows a rosy red.

A mountain holiday in Tires at the Rosengarden

Between the Sciliar and Rosengarden massifs

The location of the so-called 'Berglerdorf', the 'mountaineers’ hamlet' will give visitors the feeling that they are getting away from it all, between the Sciliar and Catinaccio massifs, nestling amidst mountain pastures and fairy-tale woodland. The village enjoys a quiet, secluded spot at 1,000 metres above sea level. Yet you don't need to look too far for adventure to come along either! After all, Tires al Catinaccio and its districts of San Cipriano and Aica di Fiè form part of both theSciliar-Catinaccio Nature Park and the Carezza hiking and skiing area. This means that there's no shortage of hiking paths and ski pistes - let alone mountain peaks! Nature has positioned Tires al Catinaccio just right for a small world of discovery and experience to be waiting round the corner for every type of visitor.