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Family adventure at the earth pyramids in Percha

Kids „Pyramidipfad“ trail
„Pyramidipfad“ trail

The Percha earth pyramids, dramatic pillar-like structures rising up towards the sky, are among the most important natural monu- ments in the Puster valley.

The Pyramidipfad trail reveals how the earth pyramids came into being, why they constantly change their shape and colour, and the role that the clouds play in this process. It is a lovely adventure trail that lets hikers in on the secrets of the legendary Percha earth pyramids as it winds through the forest. A real adventure for young and not so young explorers!

From car park P2 between Oberwielenbach and Platten on the “Pyramidenweg” trail follow the signs “Erdpyramiden”. The path climbs partly over steps, partly also crossing the forest slopes to the meadows of Höllerhof. Continue from the small saddle below the farm on the good, still signposted path briefly through a meadow and on to the earth pyramids.

The Pyramidipfad trail was designed in collaboration with the primary school Oberwielenbach, the munici- pality of Percha and „KunstWerk“.