Alpe Lusia - San Pellegrino



Clip on your helmet, check you’ve got enough water and food and get on your bicycle. These are actions that feel like rituals, wherever you are. On the new San Pellegrino Bike Trail Karpos these go along with a backpack packed with thrills in three single trails and two flow trails which intersect one another on the Veneto-Trentino border between Valle del Biois and Passo San Pellegrino. They are trails which make mountains at their most extreme more bike-accessible with various difficulty levels. The project is the brainchild of Ski Area San Pellegrino, which also implemented it, and is designed to promote Valle del Biois with the support of Karpos, a young outdoor brand set up in 2007 with a base in Fonzaso, at the foot of the Dolomites.

It is not only the most expert cyclists who can put themselves to the test in this land of chamois and ibex but also families with children and e-bike lovers, too. Ups and downs join up the various routes, exploring one of the world's most beautiful natural amphitheatres. Marking the horizon are peaks such as Focobon, Pelmo, Civetta, Mulaz and the whole Pale di San Martino massif. On the opposite side the views encompass the Costabella massif, Cima Uomo, Passo delle Cirelle and peaks rising sharply to the horizon as far as Agordino from one side and Alpe Lusia on the other. And all this with the chance to substitute the most challenging section using the Col Margherita cable car, the Le Buse Laresei chair lift, the Costabella chair lift and the Falcade Le Buse cabin lift, all of which carry bicycles free of charge. And to make this sensory journey complete there are the various mountain dairies and refuges to try out traditional foods in. 


There are two easy trails suitable for anyone with the right sort of bike and an appropriate fitness level. The first of these – called Falcade – is 10.5 km long with a total altitude difference of 829 metres. Its gradients average at 5.5-11.6% with peaks of 32.6%. The circuit starts from either Falcade, for those coming from the Veneto region, or Passo San Pellegrino for those coming from the Trentino region. Along the way the views range across sun-filled meadows punctuated with woods where the light filters through the branches and the undergrowth is suffused with characteristic mountain fragrances. Itinerary number 3 is similar in difficulty level: the San Pellegrino single trail loses 611 metres and is 11.3 km long. You get to the starting point on the Costabella chairlift and, after getting your fill of the beauties of this Dolomite mountain rimmed basin, your bike ride begins in gentle descent through a bucolic setting in which it is the Alpine meadow bells which mark time. This route suitable for cyclists of medium fitness level takes you to some of the area's refuges offering sophisticated mountain food. The route then continues to Falcade with its characteristic huts and cycle track cutting across the Piana to the cable car station at Molino which takes you to Col Margherita and the cable car of the same name and on to Passo San Pellegrino, before completing the circle and taking you back to your starting point.

The Innamorati – Sweethearts – single trail, on the other hand, is medium difficulty level and takes bicycle lovers 13 km and down 1388 metres. It starts from Col Margherita at 2514 metres, from the upper cable car station of the cable car of the same name and the new InAlto venue for drinks and lunches with a view. Here breathe deeply and plunge into an amphitheatre which opens up from the south face of the Marmolada massif and stretches as far as the Pale di San Martino massif and mts Pelmo, Civetta and Focobon against the horizon. Then descend to Passo Valles on the winter route which hosts the Sweethearts trail. At Passo Valles the route continues in the Falcade direction on a section of regional road before turning right and descending to Malga Valles Alto and then following the Sweethearts trail as far as Caverson and continuing to Falcade. You can then return to Col Margherita via the cable car and then chair lift passing Chalet Le Buse and Rifugio Laresei, both with breathtaking views. Flow Trail Le Buse, on the other hand, is all downhill on two routes of constant difficulty which must only be attempted with specific protection and dual suspension bikes. It is the perfect route for cyclists looking for speed, rhythm and jumps alone. It requires medium-high fitness levels and dual suspension bikes are recommended. These two trails cut through terrain full of the area's characteristic blueberries with the Pale di San Martino massif in the background. 


Karpos is a young outdoor brand born in 2007, based in Fonzaso, at the foot of the Dolomites. The brand is the natural expression of the Cremonese family’s passion for mountains and the sports which enable us to get out into them. From a passion for bicycles and cross country skiing, the shift to the outdoor world was the natural next step. Karpos now makes technical, high-performance outdoor wear, the product of a manufacturing capacity whose roots lie deep in the Manifattura Valcismon experience. 

Karpos's goal is supplying technical sportswear which enables mountain sports lovers to get outdoors and overcome their limits, leave their comfort zones behind and be free. So the Adventure Bike collection is the ideal adventure partner for cyclists.


A day ticket gives you unlimited access to the Le Buse-Laresei chair lift, a chance to enjoy the experience to the full. 

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