The Villages

Even in the hottest season we offer our guests an unforgettable stay and fun activities in our area, our small businesses will make you feel free and comfortable with the surrounding nature!


Alleghe is a small mountain village that is mirrored on the homonym lake. In summer it is an obligatory destination for lovers of mountains, walks and mountain biking. From the centre of the village there are also lifts that take the guests directly up to the top and then they can decide what activity to undertake. Bikes are welcome, so you can ride your own mountain bike and enjoy the descent along our routes.

Or walk along the trails with breathtaking views of Pelmo and Civetta mountains. In addition, there are playgrounds and adventure parks for children!

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Selva di Cadore - Val Fiorentina

Val Fiorentina is a renowned winter and summer resort. Even in summer offers many activities, both to relax and to have fun, all surrounded by a breathtaking panorama and the uncontaminated nature that characterizes the area.

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