Dolomiti Hike Galaxy

For over ten years, as soon as winter gives way to the warmer seasons, the Dolomiti Superski skiing destination transforms into an outdoor paradise – Dolomiti Supersummer. The summer season in the mountains is one-of-a-kind thanks to the strategically placed lift facilities, allowing everyone to experience the mountains in summer up close, easily and quickly. 140 lift facilities will open this season across the 14 Dolomites’ valleys.

You can experience the Dolomites in summer in one of two ways: the Dolomiti Bike Galaxy is a one-stop-shop for everything related to mountain biking, while the Dolomiti Hike Galaxy is a veritable universe waiting to be explored on foot. Both options make the most of the lift facilities to quickly reach the summits.

The Dolomiti Hike Galaxy is a pocket universe meant for everyone who aims to explore the Dolomites, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, on foot. A cosmos spanning 3,000 km2 of mountains to be explored by hiking and walking, on vie ferrate, and in mountain huts: endless paths wending through forests, meadows, Alpine summer pastures and summits all set against the breathtaking backdrop of stunning, natural sceneries.

A galaxy of emotions


Ramblers and hikers can tap into a virtually endless network of signposted paths boasting over 10,000 kilometres. Explore the Dolomites on foot – from the villages in the valley all the way up to the scenic summits, all paths boast clearly visible signs and average walking time until your destination. As if that weren’t enough, the network includes countless forest paths and walking trails wending their way to the top of the mountains, providing an easy alternative to reach many family-run mountain huts – even with a stroller. There are also around 80 vie ferrata routes set within short distance to the lifts, thematic parks for all ages, and many other sights to explore across the mountains, such as museums, thematic and historical routes, nature and national parks, natural monuments, Alpine lakes and much, much more. All surrounded by the unforgettable views of the Dolomites, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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Take your time, step by step, and head to the mountain summit, letting your mind and body roam.
The Dolomites’ imposing summits get closer with every step you take.
Once you’ve reached the top, take a deep breath of fresh, crisp, mountain air – ah, this is what freedom feels like!

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