dear skier

Due to the emergency linked to the spread of COVID-19 in March 2020, the Italian Authorities imposed the immediate closure of all the lift facilities on national territory, anticipating therewith the closure of the winter season.
Ski and Dolomites enthusiasts could therefore not use the Dolomiti Superski lift facilities until the official end of the winter season 2019/2020, for reasons of force majeure depending neighter on the skier’s nor on our organization’s will.
In this exceptional and serious situation, we would like to show our closeness and gratitude in compensating this loss by rewarding skiers’ loyalty with a number of rebalancing measures:

- Holders of a Dolomiti Superski seasonal pass 2019/2020 (adults, juniors, seniors and superseniors) will obtain a 10% reduction on the purchase price of the 2020/2021 seasonal pass. The reduction will also be applied to juniors who will upgrade to adults and to adults/seniors who will upgrade to superseniors.

- Holders of a Superski Family ticket who could not use the entire number of purchased days in winter season 2019/2020, will be able to use these days in winter season 2020/2021, by purchasing a Superski Family ticket for the season 2020/2021. These bonus days will, in any case, be considered as additional days and will not compete with the minimum days required for the Superski Family ticket for the season 2020/2021. All family groups holding a 2019/2020 Superski Family ticket, will have access to the bonus, even if the composition of the family group has changed.

- Holders of a "8 days at choice in the season” pass will be able to use the unused ski days of season 2019/20 in the winter season 2020/2021, by purchasing a new "8 days at choice” pass for the season 2020/2021.

- Holders of unused prepaid ski passes and vouchers with validity starting after March 10th, 2020 with open date 2019/2020, will be able to use them during the winter season 2020/2021.

- Points value cards, purchased in the winter season 2019/20 with a residual availability, can be used during the winter season 2020/2021.

- Holders of a 2019/2020 valley seasonal pass with 4 days Dolomiti Superski, will be able to use the remaining unused Dolomiti Superski days during the winter season 2020/2021, by purchasing a new valley seasonal pass with 4 Dolomiti Superski days.

The reductions above cannot be combined with other promotions and/or discounted rates obtained during the winter season 2019/2020 or planned for the 2020/2021 season, with the only exception of pre-sale purchases. We can already anticipate that the usual reductions for children, juniors, seniors, and superseniors are confirmed for the winter season 2020/2021.
Similar rebalancing measures can also be applied by the single valleys members of Dolomiti Superski.
The details on how to obtain the above-mentioned reductions, will be explained in time on the website and on the websites of the single valleys.
Thanking all the passionate skiers for their loyalty, we confirm our determination to continue making progress. We express our wish that the enthusiasm we share in appreciating everything the mountain offers, both in winter and summer, will help us to overcome this period of uncertainty and deprivation, in a newfound spirit of freedom, enjoying the nature of the Dolomites.

Dolomiti Superski