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Discover Italy’s natural treasures as a family

12 impressive holiday regions, one lift pass, more than 100 open lifts and a hiking and biking offer that every tourist will love. Dolomiti Supersummer offers endless activities! Whether cycling, roaming through the nature parks, experiencing the thrill of the summer toboggan run or climbing mountain peaks - the Dolomites offer something for absolutely EVERYONE.

Action or relaxation, letting out your energy or sitting back and relaxing - summer in the Dolomites caters for your every wish. Whether you’re young or old, a bon vivant or an adrenaline junkie - all aboard the activity train and full steam ahead to holiday bliss!

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Dolomiti Bike Galaxy

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Family hikes

Dolomiti SuperSummer family time

On your marks, get set, go! Who’s fastest on the pedals? Who can make it to the chalet first? A bike ride or hike in the breathtaking scenery of the Dolomites is the perfect opportunity for mum, dad and the little whirlwinds to prove what they’re made of. After all this excitement, it’s worthwhile taking a more leisurely pace so that explorers of all ages don’t miss the landscape impressions and mountain views the Dolomites have to offer.

Discounted tickets are available for this unique summer experience in the mountains. With the SuperSummer lift passes, families can be transported inexpensively and quickly high up into the Italian mountains.

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Musei nelle Dolomiti

In the cultural and historic footsteps of the Dolomites

In the Italian provinces of the Dolomites, culture and customs are very important. In addition to historic castles, fabulous palaces and magnificent churches, the inhabitants of the pretty villages value their traditions. Traditional festivals and a cherished folklore culture allow tourists to immerse themselves in Ladin traditions.

Historically, the Dolomites are closely linked to the events of the First World War. On the hiking and mountain bike trails, adventure-seekers can still see relics from this period. Bases, trenches and emplacements paint a picture of the harsh conditions of this time.

Culture & history

A fascination for protected areas: the nature parks of the Dolomites

They are home to rare flora and fauna, are beautiful to look at and allow you to relax and enjoy the here and now. We are talking of course about the eight nature parks of the Dolomites. Each one is individual and distinguishes itself from the others. Hikers can see natural spectacles in these areas, rare animals such as bearded vultures, or plants.

In the visitor centres, tourists have access to a wide range of information brochures and can discover all sorts of interesting facts about the protected areas.

By the way: The national parks are within easy reach. How, you may wonder? The lift network, consisting of over 100 open facilities, takes any nature lover straight into the heart of these eight stunning landscapes.

Discover the natural parks

Inviting and hospitable: chalets and restaurants

Delicious tomatoes, fresh herbs and pasta cooked al dente - the dishes on offer in the chalets and restaurants of the Dolomites are irresistible. Stop for a pick-me-up and re-energise your muscles before starting the next leg of your hiking or biking adventure!


Discover the Dolomites in safe hands with the professionals

How do you like the sound of exploring places on your summer holiday that you won’t find in any guidebook? Then you’re in good hands with the guides. The locals not only guide you safely through the terrain and mountain landscape, but also reveal insider tips and show you magical places that only a few people know about. Fantastic photos guaranteed! Whether by bike or on foot, the ideal guide is just waiting to take you on a journey through the Dolomites!

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