Hiking map

Hiking map of the Dolomites

Everything in view and always on the right track

Summer, sun and not a cloud in the sky! The warm season shows this mountain landscape in all its glory. The air is clear, the panorama is mind-blowing and the view of the surrounding mountains is to die for. In the Supersummer of the Italian Dolomites, hike like there’s no tomorrow! The practical map helps you always stay well-informed and orientate your way through the massive rock world of this UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Simply download the PDF file to your smartphone or print out the map and set off along the clearly signposted trails.

Indemnity from and against any liabilities

Users are advised to determine their route, their way of walking and their speed in relation to their individual competence and capacity, to the terrain conditions, weather, visibility, conditions of the chosen paths and routes and in accordance with the indications of route boards or signs. Furthermore route choices must carefully take into consideration one’s personal ability as well as paying due respect to the opening and closing schedule of each single lift system facility. 

The presented routes and paths, as well as the “bike parks” or similar structures, are designed, marked, monitored and maintained by the operators and/or owners responsible for the management of such structures, by the local authorities, associations, and appointed consortia for the particular areas in question and hereby only carried over.

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