Dolomiti Hike Galaxy

Dolomiti Hike Galaxy

Italy's most beautiful hiking trails

One foot in front of the other, venturing further and further into the mountains... and just let your thoughts wander. With every step, you come closer to the mighty peaks of the Dolomites. Cocooned in an incredible landscape, you climb higher and higher. One last step and you reach the finish line: the Marmolada, the highest peak in the Dolomites. Take a deep breath, and feel the fresh, clean mountain air streaming into your lungs.  Let the effect of the impressive rock massif in the middle of the Dolomiti Hike Galaxy soak in.

The Dolomiti SuperSummer offer is divided into two main categories: the Dolomiti Bike Galaxy with fabulous enduro, freeride and panoramic trails, and the Dolomiti Hike Galaxy which extends across the 12 valleys and a 3,000 square kilometre mountain world.

Overview of all tours

A new discovery around every corner

From leisurely panoramic circuit trails over flowering alpine meadows and well-maintained gravel tracks to demanding mountain hikes and challenging via ferratas:  the Dolomites have something for every hiker. Don’t miss: the hiking trails pass historic memorials and relics from the First World War. There are also countless attractions and places to play for little hikers.

It’s an enjoyable way to experience a piece of history. The interactive themed trails on geology, botany and panoramic views are ideal for families. One more reason to explore and discover the fascinating mountain world of the Dolomites in summer.

Every altitude in the Dolomites is unique. From 2,000 meters above sea level, for example, you can feel the tingling sensation of the air on your skin. Simply choose the route that best suits your needs or use the hiking map!

By the way: This summer, the Dolomites are celebrating their tenth anniversary of UNSECO World Heritage Site status. These mountains, among the most beautiful in the world, have boasted this prestigious recognition since 2009. Of course, this occasion will be celebrated in style!

Tourists and visitors can look forward to a colourful festival in the various villages of the Dolomites this summer. But don’t take our word for it - come and see the majestic peaks for yourself.

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Indemnity from and against any liabilities

Users are advised to determine their route, their way of walking and their speed in relation to their individual competence and capacity, to the terrain conditions, weather, visibility, conditions of the chosen paths and routes and in accordance with the indications of route boards or signs. Furthermore route choices must carefully take into consideration one’s personal ability as well as paying due respect to the opening and closing schedule of each single lift system facility. 

The presented routes and paths, as well as the “bike parks” or similar structures, are designed, marked, monitored and maintained by the operators and/or owners responsible for the management of such structures, by the local authorities, associations, and appointed consortia for the particular areas in question and hereby only carried over.

Get Inspired for your hiking tours

Grazing cows and blossoming meadows: hiking in the alpine pastures

Children need variety, action and new things to marvel at during a walk. Hiking in the alpine pastures offers just that. Along the themed trails, admire fascinating wildlife and a blossoming floral splendour so beautiful that you can hardly believe your eyes. How many others can say that they have hiked Europe’s highest plateau, the Alpe di Siusi?

All hiking trails are clearly signposted and well-maintained and many of them are easily accessible with a pram so that little hikers can put their feet up and take a short power nap.

By the way: There are lifts to take you from each of the 12 valleys high up into the Italian mountains. Simply purchase a SuperSummer lift pass and start explore the striking mountain ranges!

Hiking tours

When the mountains call: mountain hikes in the Dolomiti Hike Galaxy

Keen hillwalkers will be delighted with over 700 mountain hikes in the Dolomites. Seasoned hikers looking for their next challenge will love the more demanding routes up to the peaks. While in winter the metre-deep snow is the hot topic, during the summer it’s hiking and mountaineering that take centre stage.

From Veneto to the Trentino-Alto Adige region, it’s one high summit after another. The options seem endless, and each mountain station provides the ideal starting point for the summit ascent of your dreams.

Tip: Snap up a Dolomiti guide and explore the Dolomites with the professionals. The local mountain guides not only know which places are particularly worth seeing, but also tell the best anecdotes about the Italian rock massif. Sometimes the hiking guides might even share one or two insider tips. Make sure you listen up!

Mountain tours

Adventure climbing: via ferratas in the Dolomites

Rocky cliff faces, huge grey rock formations and a long way down. For keen climbers and ambitious mountain-goers, summer in the Dolomites means pure enjoyment. In addition to a great deal of nerve, mountaineers need confidence in their bodies. Oh, and a head for heights.

It’s not for nothing that the Dolomites are one of the most popular and classic climbing areas in the world. A wide range of via ferratas of all difficulty levels allow beginners and professionals alike to explore the Italian rocky slopes. Whether steeped in history or partially exposed - each via ferrata has its own charms and challenges. Let’s go! It’s time to grab some climbing chalk, work up the muscle power and get ready for the climb!

Climbing tours

100 lifts and one ticket

to the summer world of the Dolomites

One ticket, thousands of possibilities and 100 lifts to transport mountaineers to the Dolomiti Hike Galaxy. In Dolomiti SuperSummer, the lifts and cable cars are by no means quiet. The treasures of this UNESCO World Heritage Site are lit up in bright colours and show themselves in all their beauty during the summer.

The key to this unique world of emotions is the SuperSummer Card, perfect for families and day-trippers. Fancy exploring the 12 valleys and lifts of the Dolomites over around 100 summer days? Don’t hesitate to visit the ticket shop!

Two versions of the SuperSummer Card are available: a transferable points card or the SuperSummer Card.

The points card is particularly well-suited for families or hiking groups who use a card together until the credit is used up. With the points card, the cost of uphill trips is reduced by 20 percent and downhill trips by 35 percent.

Hot tip for long-distance hikers: the SuperSummer Card!

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