From mountain hut to
Mountain hut

Hiking in the alpine pastures of the Dolomites

Through blossoming meadows and striking mountain ranges

The sun is just starting to rise, the grass is still wet and the first hillwalkers are slipping into their fleeces and pulling on their hiking boots: a new day is dawning in the Dolomites. The pastures are slowly awakening, and the cloud cover is lifting. The whole family is ready, and the hike into the alpine pastures of the South Tyrolean Dolomites can begin.

Listen to the gentle babbling of the brook, the ringing of cowbells in the surrounding meadows and the chirping of birds around you, and enjoy every step you take. The alpine pasture trail network is well-maintained and largely suitable for prams.

Can you feel your legs starting to tingle, and a desire to experience the dolce vita of the mountains first hand? Explore the regions and mountains with Dolomiti Supersummer!

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