7 rules for biker

Trails in the Dolomites

Respect hikers, animals and signs

Yield to hikers, always stay on the right side of the trail and warn people that you're coming. Respect the fauna and track signs for bikers.

biking in the Dolomites

Perfect technique for a perfect day

Do not overestimate your skills. Keep your speed under control, stay on the trail and consider the conditions of the soil and trail you are riding on. Don’t forget water and some energy snacks.

Dolomiti Bike Galaxy

Know your bike

If you're going to hire a MTB, let you show how to use it. The weight of the MTB, the electric pedal assistant and the disc brakes must be tested before diving into your adventure.

Dolomiti Bike Galaxy

Adventure is better if shared

Never go out riding alone. Always look for an adventure mate or a bike guide to share your ride with. Safety improves as well as the emotions to be remembered.

Dolomites in the summer

Leave no traces

Brake softly in order not to damage the ground by drifting and always take all your waste back home.

Dolomites by bike

A helmet for your safety

It is not mandatory but it is highly recommended. Take or hire a light and breathable MTB helmet, and - why not - also knees, elbows and back protectors.

Dolomites in summer

Watch out for the weather

Always check the weather forecast and take a waterproof jacket with you. In case it has rained the day before, mind the slippery ground.


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