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Freeride & Downhill

Freeride and downhill biking in the Dolomites

Steep turns, trails and daring downhill tracks

Drops, North Shores and tight corners require a high level of technique and ability from every biker. A variety of tracks with different elements, both natural and man-made, meander through the Dolomites. In situations like this: you need to tense your muscles, focus your concentration and above you, have real guts.

The downhill and freeride trails in the Dolomites demand the maximum from every bike and every biker. Whether it’s jumps, a challenging root carpet or a risky stone field - the full-suspension bikes hurtle thrill-seeking athletes down into the at full speed.

The unique feeling you get from downhill mountain biking is highly addictive.
Once you’ve tried it, you’ll be hooked!

Tip: Before embarking on your adventure ride, make sure you do a short warm-up. There are bike parks throughout the Dolomiti Supersummer area. Safety when freeriding should be a top priority: no biker should be out and about on the trails or in the mountains without a helmet and appropriate protective gear!

By the way: If you’re feeling brave, venture onto daring sections of the trails with an MTB guide. Once you reach the top, embark on a daring freeride down to the valley. And the best bit? The guides show mountain biking enthusiasts to secret places and reveal insider tips. Have fun as a group and get the adrenaline flowing in the Dolomites!

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