Cultural gems of the
UNESCO-World Heritage site

Culture in the Dolomites

From history to customs

Walk along the paths of the past, visit historic buildings and experience traditional festivities - the Dolomites and their villages are steeped in history and customs. This unique landscape has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2009 and attracts visitors with its magnificent churches, fabulous castles and picturesque mountain villages.

Whether it’s relics of the First World War along the trails, traditional customs in the foothill villages or museums housing cultural treasures: past and present meet in the Dolomites.

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Excursion Dantercepies - Vallunga - ruins of the Wolkenstein castle

Discover the S. Silvestro Chapel and the ruins of the Wolkenstein castle


in the footsteps of the past


The places and their buildings, embedded in the landscape of the imposing Dolomites, create the ambience and unique atmosphere of this area. There are some real gems to visit for anyone who takes the time to see them. Lovingly restored and maintained by the residents, cultural assets attract visitors to the Italian provinces.


The First World War was a striking and defining time for the Dolomites. This tragic and very moving period of history has left traces not only on the hiking trails high in the mountains. In the valley too, memories of this time are kept alive by well-preserved legacies. Former trenches and emplacements remind us of the harsh living conditions of the soldiers of the time.


Traditional village festivals, magnificent churches and historic castles are dotted throughout the Italian region in the Dolomites. The winding alleys and ancient houses reveal a centuries-old history and the locals keep their traditions alive. Be a part of this culture of contrasts and coming together in a land of breezy mountain passes, high plateaus, rolling valleys and plains where German, Italian and Ladin culture meet!

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