Herb farm Hauser

  • Kronplatz - Bruneck Kronplatz, Brunico Plan de Corones

Herb farm in Wielenberg/Montevila (Percha/Perca). We manually and lovingly grow medicinal plants and herbs for seasoning on the sunny hills around our mountain farm in Wielenberg. After a careful harvest we produce herbal teas, essential oils, natural cosmetics and herb liquors. As our farm is located far away from traffic and noise and as the production of our herbs follows strictly controlled biological guide-lines we guarantee an absolute natural purity and a very high quality of our products. Since 2010 our herb farm is housed in an imposing building made of natural logs. The massive pine logs create a magic and comfortable ambiance and recall the history of the herb farm which goes back to the young Stone Age. A fascinating world of herbs, fairy-tales and legends awaits you in our rooms. There is also an archaeological exhibit that invites you to take a trip back to its very beginnings.

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Herb farm Hauser
Wielenberg / Montevila 20
39031 Percha / Perca
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