Ski safe with Green Pass

Safety and fun on the slopes of Dolomiti Superski




Finally back on the slopes, with the following safety measures:
To access the lifts the EU QR code covid certificate (proof of vaccination, a negative test or recovery from the virus) is mandatory from the age of 12. The skipass, available online or at our selling points has to be activated daily after verification of the green pass. Additional, a surgical mask is compulsory on lifts with closed vehicles and the capacity on cable cars, gondolas and chairlifts with canopy will be reduced to 80 %. There is no limit for the number of skipasses, therefore the reservation is not required. 



  • Skipass Purchase: the skipasses are available online and for those who do not have a smartphone or internet access, at the points of sale or accommodation facilities equipped with a skipass issuing system.


  • Activation on our website Enter your ski pass number and check the QR code of your Green Pass. This can be uploaded from the gallery or the memory files of your mobile phone, or directly from the paper document. Your data will not be saved.

To the activation

  • Activation in the Dolomiti Superski app: load the QR code of  your Green Pass from the photo gallery or the memory of the mobile phone and insert the number of your skipass. If you want you can stored the data in the dedicated section of the app to facilitate subsequent activation. Likewise, the skipasses of your family members can be activated daily.

  • Activation at our points of sale: validate the QR code every day at our points of sale. 

For special cases, please consult the point of sale.


The aktivation has to be carried out for each ski day. Once the skipass has been activated, access to the all lifts is guaranteed for the whole day.




Ski safe with EU QR Code Covid Certificate
To the activation of your skipass

Have a look at the tutorial


...has become our slogan, therefore we came up with several logistic and organizational rules and a system of economic guarantees, to ensure a safe winter season

Economic Guarantees

Season skipass

For the 2021/2022 winter season, Dolomiti Superski has developed a system of guarantees that will ensure right from the beginning the maximum transparency and safety for everyone who wants to purchase a season or a multi-day ski pass. Those who decide to purchase a Dolomiti Superski season ski pass will benefit from certain guarantees in the event of a new lockdown of at least 10 consecutive days, at various territorial levels – whether there is a total lockdown or in case of total closure of one of the 12 ski areas in which villages the user resides or lodges. Within 30 days from the start of the lockdown or closure, the passholder may exercise this right of withdrawal, if not yet used its season ski pass for 40 days, by filling out an online form. By doing so, the refund procedure will start, and the ski pass will be deactivated. Alternatively, the user can decide to keep his ski pass active and therefore continue skiing until the end of the season in the open ski areas. In this case there will be no refund. 
The refund threshold for Dolomiti Superski season ski passes will decrease every two weeks in relation to the remaining duration of the winter season, starting from 15th December 2021. For example, a lockdown that occurs before 15th January 2022 grants a refund of 55% of the ski pass price purchased by the customer. The next deadline is scheduled for 31st January, where the refund will be 40%. It will continue like this until April 1st 2022, the date upon which the repayment threshold is zeroed out. Refunds will be made in monetary form via bank transfer. 

Refund thresholds for season 2021/2022

Until 15th December included 85 %
Until 31st December included 70 %
Until 15th January included 55 %
Until 31st January included 40 %
Until 15th February included 30 %
Until 28th February included 20 %
Until 15th March included 10 %
Until 31st March included 5 %
From 1st April 2022 0 %



Holders of multi-day Dolomiti Superski passes have the same right of withdrawal as in the two cases mentioned above, as well as in the event of a positive diagnosis of the SARS-CoV-2 virus or a precautionary quarantine measure. In such cases, the non-useable days will be refunded in accordance with the price list for multi-day ski passes.

Example: the skier has purchased the Dolomiti Superski 6-day ski pass, and in case of closure on the third day the remaining four days will be refunded.

Holiday calendar

On the website, Dolomiti Superski makes available tables that display the inflow forecast for each day of the season, based on the historical data of the last three years. This allows skiers to plan their holiday in such a way as to avoid the periods with the highest influx of skiers.

See the calendarSee the calendar

The new Skiers Map

Skiers will also find an innovative map that displays the number of skiers present at the lifts as part of the new Dolomiti Superski App and integrated into the 3D ski map on the website. This tool measures the occupancy rate of the lift facilities within a unit of time. By consulting the map, skiers can evaluate the optimal time to use a given lift, thus avoiding crowding.

10 Safety rules

Every skier or snowboarder must conduct him or herself in a way that never places others in danger.

The skier or snowboarder must maintain a suitable speed and conduct for his or her skills and for the condition of the terrain, the snow, the weather and traffic on the slopes.

The skier or snowboarder who is ahead always has the right of way, therefore the skier behind must maintain a certain safe distance from the skier ahead.

You may overtake on the right or on the left, but always at a distance were all the voluntary and involuntary movements of the skier or snowboarder being overtaken are not going to interfere with your skiing path.

The skier crossing over a slope or practice terrain must ensure that this can be done without danger to him or herself and to others. This is the same conduct that the skier must observe after every stop.

Skiers and snowboarders must avoid to stop in the middle of the slope, on narrow passes or in case of lack of visibility.

Skiers or snowboarders who ascent a slope must proceed strictly along its edges.

Skiers and snowboarders must fully comply with the signs and indications on the ski slopes

In the event of an accident, anyone must provide aid. Providing aid is a moral obligation that applies to all athletes.

The skier or snowboarder who is ahead always has the right of way, therefore the skier behind must maintain a certain safe distance from the skier ahead.

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