Walking around the Fairy

  • 12/07 - 23/08/2021
  • Alpe Lusia – San Pellegrino - Moena

Departing from the small San Volfango's church, beside the parish church, we will follow a picturesque path at the discovery of Moena. This trip leads through different stages throughout the memories of the village, guided by a guide of exception: the local writer Stefano Dellantonio, who has written several books and texts about the Ladin culture. The first stop is at Prato di Sorte, a wide green area that used to serve as pasture for the cattles and would ensure the hay for the winter to the peasants. The arrival of the snow would bring joy to all the skiers who, thanks to the two platter lifts set on the meadow, could ski down the slope in Sorte. The path goes on towards the hamlet of Ciajeole, one of the oldest in the village, whose name comes from the "ciajea", the room which the cheese used to be processed. The neighbourhood was the birthplace of Valentino Rovisi (1715-1783), the most famous painter from Val di Fassa, student of Giambattista Tiepolo. Passing through the squares, we reach the neighbourhood of "Turchia", that cherishes a fountain with a capital made of the head of a Turkish man and decored with a halfmoon and a star. In front of the so called Tabià del Copeto (hayloft built in 1693), Stefano Dellantonio and Chiara Turrini will perform in a piece inspired to the mountain, making use of ancient instruments.

Every stage will be enriched by the lecture of texts by local poets, read in Ladin language and translated in Italian. 

Free enrollment, phone reservation requested. Maximum number of participants: 25.

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