Trentino in un Barattolo - Made by me

  • 20/06 - 20/09/2020
  • Val di Fassa/Carezza - Soraga di Fassa

The "Trentino in un Barattolo" (Made by me) initiative is aimed at those who wish to get to know the local food, people and countryside. Indeed, this spring, summer and autumn you will be able to harvest what the season has to offer: herbs, plums, berries, apples, plums, walnuts and vegetables and prepare preserves, sauerkraut, pickled vegetables, pesto, creams and anything else you can preserve in a jar and take away with you. You’ll also learn how to use these ingredients in the kitchen with tasty recipes and traditional desserts.

From May to the beginning of November, for many weekends, 15 farmhouses across Trentino welcome you for a unique experience, from the ground to the table. Treat yourself to a reinvigorating break in the countryside, far from the hustle and bustle, spend a night in a farmhouse and get to know the people that help keep this territory alive. Dedicated to those who appreciate slow, responsible tourism, wholesome food and wish to change the usual concept of holiday-making. Join us and discover the genuine heart of Trentino!

Appointments in Val di Fassa:

  • June 20th and 21st - Agritur Ciasa dò Paré - Mugo pine honey
  • September 19th and 20th - Agritur Ciasa dò Paré - Onion and apple sauce

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