The lair of the squirrel

  • 18/06 - 07/09/2019
  • Val di Fassa/Carezza - Vigo di Fassa

2 hours walk on the naturale trail at Ciampedìe, organized by the lift company Catinaccio, to discover the forest, its plants and the natural habitat of the squirrel. Meeting point at the top station of the cable car. Clothes and shoes suitable for mountain excursions are required.

Registration: not required. Activity included in the PanoramaPass or in the lift ticket. Strollers not admitted, baby carrier preferred.

A daylight creature with notable leaping abilities, that retreats into its hollow in the tree for the night. Who could it be? It feeds on nuts, shoots, buds, acorns, mushrooms and fruit but may also complete its diet with small animals, eggs or insects. Have you guessed? It gathers ample quantities of food during the summer, storing them in well-hidden locations and dipping into them during the hungry months (except when they forget the location, giving plants a hand in dispersing their seeds). You guessed: it's the squirrel. A trail punctuated with 8 hand-painted information boards. An easy excursion that is suitable for everyone. Every tuesday and saturday at 10 a.m. with a nature expert as your guide.

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