Moena of yesteryear

  • 28/08 - 29/08/2021
  • Alpe Lusia – San Pellegrino - Moena

In Moena, on the last week-end of August, a vintage atmosphere spreads itself. Through the narrow roads of the historical neighbourhood of "Turchia", discover the works of yester-year, as the wool-weawing, the iron and the wood working. Reach the area "Navalge", instead, to witness a vintage tennis tournament, where the participants take part in brief matches to bring back to life the atmosphere of the Eighties with wooden rackets, white branded clothes, sponge bands on the head and at the wrists. For car passionate lovers, the squares will host an exhibition of several vintage means, such as cars, vespa motorcycles - with the participation of the "Vespa Club Alta Quota Fiemme e Fassa", and Porsche and Lamborghini tractors. During the three-day feast will also offer the possibility to taste traditional dishes from Moena.

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