Goodbye with music

  • 14/06 - 13/09/2019
  • Val di Fassa/Carezza - Vigo di Fassa

Parade, starting from San Nicolò’s church to the town centre of the village, with a musical band presenting its passionating repertoire. 


  • 14th June: Music band of Pozza
  • 20th June: Music band of Pozza
  • 27th June: Music band of Pozza
  • 5th July: Music band of Sedico (BL)
  • 12th July: Music band of Pozza
  • 26th July: Music band of Pozza
  • 16th August: Music band of Pozza
  • 30th August: Music band of Ortisei (BZ)
  • 6th September: Music band of Pozza
  • 13th September: Music band of Ortisei (BZ)

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