Ferragosto at Pianac

  • 15/08/2021
  • Alpe Lusia – San Pellegrino - Moena

Ferragosto (mid-August Feast traditionally celebrated in Italy) in the mountains, what to do? Moena, the Fairy of the Dolomites, brings back a time-honored tradition: the celebration of August 15th in the open air at Pianac, a wide meadow protected by the wood which overlooks the village with an incredible panoramic view. Get your blanket, pic-nic basket and trekking shoes and get ready to spend a day playing and taking part in activities with your family and listen to live music. 

Did you know that in the Fifties and in the Sixties, along the road Strada de Longiarif, there was the bottom station of the one-seat chair lift "Belvedere", which would slowly go up to Pianac, even stopping by the hamlet of Someda? On top, the Bar Belvedere would welcome the inhabitants and the tourists with a good glass of soda, music and balls. Moreover, the plaid used to serve as a soccer field, where the locals would often organize tournaments. After the flood that hurt Moena in 1966, the lift was decommissioned, yet the basements of its pilons are still visible, even nowadays.

Pianac can be reached on foot only. As there are not many parking places in Someda, it is recommended to depart from the village directly (about 50 mins). At the end of the hamlet, leave the asphalt road and take the path on your left, which goes up steep (dirt road with some asphalt stretches) through the wood. It will be possible to book a pic nic basked full of traditional local products. 

Pianac is equipped with some tables and benches as well as a water fountain.

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