A spas co la mùsega

  • 24/06 - 09/09/2020
  • Val di Fassa/Carezza - Vigo di Fassa

Do not make committments tonight: it’s time for "A Spas co la mùsega". In Pozza, from 6.00 p.m., Strada de Meida - closed to the traffic on the occasion of the feast - becomes a mix of melody and zing: two music bands give a rock-pop and blues touch to the aperitif in the squares Piaza del Malghèr and Piaza Deodat de Dolomieu. After dinner (from 9.00 p.m.), the brass band "Mùsega da Poza" performs in the square Piaza de Comun, while the "Alpen Boys" entertain the public with their lively hits along the main road. During the soirée, the Vajolet ski school present its activity for the next winter season, while the firemen perform in spectacular manoeuvres, for the joy of the children. Food temptations are also in, with delicacies like the "fortaes" (delicious fried pastry in the characteristic shape of a snail enriched by cranberry jam), making the event even sweeter, while local artists will carry out street-shows and shops will stay open to let people enjoy an amusing night shopping experience.

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