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  • Val di Fassa - Campitello di Fassa

Mountaineering landmark in Val di Fassa
the year the Fassa Guide mountaineering school organizes group and
private excursions with mountain guide; fantastic experiences that will
make you discover the spectacular Dolomites and the most beautiful
mountains in the world.
Fassa Guide also offers courses, activities
and itineraries for adults and boys; everything is designed to provide
unforgettable experiences with high mountain paths, climbing, trekking,
ski mountaineering and off-piste skiing.
The summer with its sunshine is ideal for alpinism, sports climbing, vie ferrate, trekking and excursions. Special attention goes to the queen of the Dolomites: Marmolada. Also visit the different Dolomite groups and the historical areas of the Great War.
Kids activities
Vie ferrate
Basic rock climbing courses
Classic and modern rock climbing routes
Trips on Marmolada
High altitude excursions

The snowy and icy winter season is ideal for freeriding, ski-mountaineering and ice climbing, you may also choose guided skiing tours along the Sellaronda carousel, as well as winter ascents and snow shoeing.
Ski-mountaineering courses and trips
Snow shoe excursions
Ice fall ascents and courses
Guided skiing

Download the summer programme 2018 of the Alta Fassa Guides

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Fassa Guide - Scuola di Alpinismo e Scialpinismo
Fassa Guide - Campitello di Fassa - Val di Fassa

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Fassa Guide - Scuola di Alpinismo e Scialpinismo
Strèda de Pian de la Teiles, 1
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