Fundraising for a reforestation project in the Dolomites




It was the night of 30 October 2018. From a normal disturbance, Hurricane Vaia was unleashed, razing vast areas of forest in the Dolomite valleys to the ground, also damaging roads, bridges and power lines.

 The work of salvaging the timber takes months and months, and the restoration of the road and power connections commits considerable financial resources. Almost exactly one year later, as if that were not enough, a heavy early snowfall breaks thousands of trees - not yet ready for winter - throughout the area, severely compromising forest health. This event later gave rise to the bark beetle plague, a tiny parasite that nests under the bark of pine trees, killing them. Today we are left with vast areas of brown forest with dead plants, which can no longer perform their natural task, i.e. absorbing rainwater and retaining snow to protect the anthropised areas below, villages and link roads, from landslides and avalanches. 

By unlocking the 'Plant a Tree' Eco-Badge, you will be able to make your own contribution to the reforestation at Plan de Corones, and by skiing on the 'Atomic Ski Arena Pré da Peres' slope at Passo Furcia, you will be able to see for yourself how the area will change its appearance from year to year. And the new forest will also be a little bit yours!

Dolomiti Superski wants to contribute to the measures to safeguard and restore the damage caused by Hurricane Vaia, heavy snowfall and bark beetles by offering an Eco-Badge that can be unlocked with a contribution of 5.00 Euro as part of the "Rewarding" prize draw. With the funds collected - which will be doubled by Dolomiti Superski - a reforestation project will be carried out on the south-west slope of Plan de Corones, which still shows the wounds of these devastating natural events. In collaboration with the Bruneck Forestry Inspectorate - Autonomous Province of Bolzano, which will take care of the scientific and operational aspects, thousands of small pines, firs, larches, stone pine trees and even broadleaf trees will be planted in the spring to revive the forest.

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