Winter holidays

Winter holidays in Marmolada Glacier ski resort

experiences on the Queen of the Dolomites

Winter holidays at Marmolada Glacier ski resort | Dolomiti Superski
Marmolada together with Arabba is one of the 12 ski areas of Dolomiti Superski.
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Free as a bird on the Marmolada Glacier. on the top of the Dolomites

The wind whistles around your ears and the craggy peaks glitter in the sunlight. The air at 3,265 metres is crystal clear and invigorating. Winter on the Queen of the Dolomites, the Marmolada, is unique. You become suffused with an inner peace, you put your daily cares behind you and simply enjoy time in the company of your holiday companions.

Do you want to feel like this? Feel as free as a bird and enjoy a view of the surrounding Dolomite mountains? A winter holiday at the foot of the Marmolada Glacier gives you the works, and when you stand on the Punta Rocca panoramic terrace you realise you are in the presence of the Queen of the Dolomites.

Would you like more information about this unique ski resort for your winter holiday? Then look no further!

Why take a winter holiday at Marmolada Glacier?

Skiiers in front of a panorama map of the Dolomites

In addition to the glacier’s unique beauty, you can ski fascinating 1,800 metres of descent on the 12 kilometres long “La Bellunese” ski run. You can look forward to more than just exceptionally enjoyable skiing during a winter holiday on the Marmolada. You can also enjoy yourself to the full off the slopes too. Just look at the to-do list!

Winter holiday activities at Marmolada Glacier

  • Explore the 12-km long “La Bellunese” ski run
  • Try snowshoeing in the silent forests
  • Gently glide along on cross-country skis