Val Gardena

Novelty in the winter season 2021/2022

“La Ria”

Val Gardena A baddie with a heart of gold in Val Gardena
A baddie with a heart of gold in Val Gardena

A new black and very particular slope debuts on the Dantercepies hills in Selva di Val Gardena: La Ria. In the local Ladin dialect, ‘la ria’ means ‘stroppy’ or even ‘mean’. A fitting name: with its inclination of up to 52%, it is a dream come true for the more demanding skiers. The wide slope is also ideal for skiers aiming to improve their performance, allowing them to safely ski across diagonal swaths at a reduced speed.
The La Ria really stands out for its breathtaking scenery. The slope is set against the backdrop of the village of Selva and Val Gardena and boasts a unique bird’s-eye view in the entire valley. Seen from the valley, surrounded by the forest, it takes on the semblance of a staircase rising into the sky. La Ria might be a ‘baddie’ but it has a heart of gold.

The technical details:
Length: 1.110 m
Altitude difference: 310 m
Inclination: up to 52%
Difficulty: black

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