10 Safety Rules

Every skier or snowboarder must conduct him or herself in a way that never places others in danger.

The skier or snowboarder must maintain a suitable speed and conduct for his or her skills and for the condition of the terrain, the snow, the weather and traffic on the slopes.

The skier or snowboarder who is ahead always has the right of way, therefore the skier behind must maintain a certain safe distance from the skier ahead.

You may overtake on the right or on the left, but always at a distance were all the voluntary and involuntary movements of the skier or snowboarder being overtaken are not going to interfere with your skiing path.

The skier crossing over a slope or practice terrain must ensure that this can be done without danger to him or herself and to others. This is the same conduct that the skier must observe after every stop.

Skiers and snowboarders must avoid to stop in the middle of the slope, on narrow passes or in case of lack of visibility.

Skiers or snowboarders who ascent a slope must proceed strictly along its edges.

Skiers and snowboarders must fully comply with the signs and indications on the ski slopes

In the event of an accident, anyone must provide aid. Providing aid is a moral obligation that applies to all athletes.

Any skier or snowboarder involved in an accident on the slope, whether liable or simply a witness must provide his or her personal details.

 A selfie before departure

You will feel safe

The Dolomites are amongst the safest regions in Europe. For the rescue on the slopes are the Carabinieri, police, financial police, forestry police, red cross and the army responsible. Many aid organizations are available in case of an accident. Emergency care and health care service are of the highest standard: plenty of pharmacies, good hospitals, surgeries and first aid stations. You will certainly feel at ease.

Safe from avalanches

Here the colossal Dolomite peaks; there the gentle ski slopes. This spatial division of winter sports and mountain scenery has the advantage that Dolomiti Superski is one of the safest ski areas of the Alps with respect to avalanches. Only very few slopes lead you close to steep rocky versants. We are very careful; when there is risk of avalanches those slopes are closed.

 Panoramic view from Seceda