Snowcats on the slopes of Dolomiti Superski | © Dolomiti Superski

… working for you during the night

When of an evening the guests are taking a well earned rest after a hectic day on the slopes, 330 snowcats begin their shift so as to prepare with tender loving care the 1.200 km of slopes which make up Dolomiti Superski. A task force team of machines prepare the slopes so they are smooth and retain a good grip making it easy for you to show off your ski style. Apart from a great style the careful preparation means that you are far less likely to lose control of your skis and thus the number of accidents between skiers is greatly reduced.

Snow grooming machines in a row

Slope management and environmental care

Preparing the slopes in a systematic and regular manner results in the snow cover being constantly compact and in this way fauna and the round itself are protected from the sharp edges of boards and skis which otherwise could do great harm.. The weight of the snowcats is distributed over a significant area and therefore the impact is less violent than that caused by hikers.. Our drivers are trained to a high professional level to carry out a task which is not as easy as it may seem. And the result of all this? Yes, shining impeccable slopes each and every morning welcome you!