Snow guarantee


A magical winter tale

We all know that wonderful sensation of pure peace which a fresh winter morning looking out across splendid snow capped peaks can give. On those ‘to be  treasured’ moments all seems so much more genuine and it is as if the very snow itself is soft and fluffy and made for our enjoyment.  

Dolomiti Superski ensures snow and slopes of an outstanding quality and presented in perfect condition: 1200 km of slopes,  90% of which are to be found at an altitude between 1.500 - 3.269 metres. What more do you wish? Excellent snow conditions in an unbeatable sun soaked ambience!

The snow crystal secret

Have you ever heard of the tales of Frau Holle? She is the sweet lady living in a piece of paradise and when she shakes the sheets from the window snow falls to the ground. Well, at long last the lady can take a well deserved rest for news is that almost 100% of Dolomiti Superski slopes have modern snowmaking systems. It is not so much a case of artificial snow but of pure crystal-like water originating from mountain streams and torrents being transformed into fine particles free from any additives.


A snow flake weighs a few thousand grams only and when it reaches the ground it is as if it still floats. No two crystals are alike; not for nothing is it that the inhabitants of the Polar North have more than 10 words to describe types of snow. To reproduce this effect it is necessary that water is pumped out at a very high pressure level and as it falls in sub freezing conditions it transforms into snow. Frau Holle is as happy as can be!

Slope preparation and environmental care

When of an evening the guests are taking a well earned rest after a hectic day on the slopes, 300 snowcats begin their shift so as to prepare with tender loving care the 1.200 km of slopes which make up Dolomiti Superski. A task force team of machines prepare the slopes so they are smooth and retain a good grip making it easy for you to show off your ski style. Apart from a great style the careful preparation means that you are far less likely to lose control of your skis and thus the number of accidents between skiers is greatly reduced.. 

Preparing the slopes in a systematic and regular manner results in the snow cover being constantly compact and in this way fauna and the round itself are protected from the sharp edges of boards and skis which otherwise could do great harm.. The weight of the snowcats is distributed over a significant area and therefore the impact is less violent than that caused by hikers.. Our drivers are trained to a high professional level to carry out a task which is not as easy as it may seem. And the result of all this? Yes, shining impeccable slopes each and every morning welcome you! 

 Snowcats on the slopes of Dolomiti Superski | © Dolomiti Superski

Mild daytime temperatures

Winter temperatures in the Dolomites are subject to great day and night differences.

During the day the constant beating down of the sun’s rays can mean that temperatures reach in the early afternoon 20° whereas during the night they can fall to -15°. 

It is true to say that the average temperatures vary between +2° of a day and -4° of a night. A careful choice of clothing is always recommended – a bit for every circumstance!